Living the Good Life – Revamped – Release July 26, 2024


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Can you live off a suburban block? Trev, Linda and 6 year old Caleb decided to find out and attempted to go 6 months without spending a dollar. They had Possum the goat for milk and cheese, chooks for eggs, grew their own fruit and veggies and bartered for what they couldn’t produce.

But the adventure had just begun. Soon after they moved to Tasmania, bought land and challenged themselves to build a sustainable house. It took 5 years,  a lot of clay, sand, straw, wood and $90,000.

Read their misadventures, near deaths, tangles with snakes and ultimate triumphs as they became market gardeners and seed savers starting the heirloom seed store, Seed Freaks, and stuck with the family motto, ‘if there’s a hard way to do something, we’ll find it!

They parked the car and picked up bicycles, they used solar power, rainwater tanks and became healthier, wealthier, happier and reduced their environmental footprint by 95%.

  • New chapters on the Tasmanian adventure
  • Featured on Today Tonight & ABC Gardening Australia
  • Link to extensive photo gallery
  • Bonus chapters from The Quiet Revolution

‘I read Living the Good Life in my transition from fashion-obsessed hairdresser to biophiliac and it helped me find my path.
I’m ever grateful to Linda for sending this into the world.’
Paulette Whitney – Author of Broccoli & other Love Stories













This is their adventure.

ISBN: 978-0-6455142-6-1


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